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Learn About US Civil Defense History

We have learned much on preparing for emergencies, as you can read on Prepping 101, from our rich US Civil Defense history, that has been widely shared online as an abandon outdated system failed of the past 20th century late 1900's. See Civil Defense by the US Department Of Homeland Security a: Short History of National Preparedness Efforts. Homeland Security National Preparedness Task Force September 2006 

Thus the new recreated citizens Civil Defense will now grow renewed bigger, better, smarter, quicker, faster, stronger, and in greater numbers of an active Police Aid Auxiliary Army of self lead, self trained, self educated, independent patriot troops than even our fathers or forefathers, as we follow their foot steps.

The over 21 historic civil defense items pictured below, there are over 21,000 worth of words, as it has been said by the wise billions of times throughout history

"a picture is worth a thousand words".

The history of US Civil Defense started in .....

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Historic Posters recreated to relent Civilian Defense 2020  

Th e newUS Civil Defense started in .....

The Office of Civilian Defense was the United States federal. emergency war agency created May 20, 1941, with Executive Order 8757 coordinating federal emergency war agency of the United States federal government and states protection of civilians in case of war emergency. The .[1] Executive Order 8757 the two branches supervised protective "war service" functions such as blackouts, special Auxiliary Police Aid, Auxiliary firemen, Nurse Aid Corps, child care, health, transportation, Emergency Food and Housing Corps, known now as the new Aug 2020 "EMERGENCY FOOD SHELTER CORPS", and more. Most important still active until this day Aug 2020 , the new Civil Air Patrol. The agency as it was created terminated by EO 9562 of June 4, 1945.[2] The Office of Civil Defense with similar duties was established later, ending within FEMA.

World War II, air raids and other attacks on populated areas in Europe generated fears of similar attacks soon happening in the United States. On May 20, 1941, over six months before the United States entered WW ll, President Franklin Roosevelt launched the Office of Civilian Defense (OCD) to coordinate state and federal actions for civilian defense protection in case of a war-related emergency. The OCD organized the United States Citizens Defense Corps to recruit and train volunteers to perform essential tasks.

The insignia in the poster featured below here, published in 1942, illustrate the numerous jobs assigned to civilian volunteers. Enrolled and trained volunteers displayed their insignia on arm bands and on uniforms or civilian dress. The OCD also published a handbook, The United States Citizens Defense Corps, to explain the duties and responsibilities of various positions.

Who Should Join: All able bodied responsible persons in the community men and women, housewives, laborers. . .

business and professional people, for the mutual protection of all. Boys and girls, and elderly people too, have work to do. The program is broad, the tasks are many, its time to get involved more than ever now 2020.

Qualifications for membership require enrollment, physical and mental aptitude, recognition of obligation to study duties, take required training courses, and subsequently attend periodical group practice.


Civilian defense beginning:

The year 1940. London, England was under siege. Night after night, German Luftwaffe bombers strafed the skies, raining fire and destruction upon the city. Thousands of people were killed, and more than a million were made homeless [source: Museum of London].

Across the Atlantic, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was deeply concerned. Though the United States military was strong, he felt that even more manpower and supplies would be needed to protect American cities if they were to come under attack. The country needed a civilian defense force.

During World War I, the government had established a Council of National Defense to coordinate resources for national defense and stimulate public morale. State and local communities set up their own defense councils to help direct efforts in health, welfare, morale and other activities, but these volunteer groups did not get involved in actual civilian defense because there wasn't a need. Military from other countries couldn't reach America because the aviation industry was still in its infancy.

By World War II, that had changed. Airplanes had become advanced enough for enemies to reach the United States. After launching a mission to London to observe the Blitz, New York City mayor Fiorello LaGuardia wrote an urgent letter to President Roosevelt stating, "The new technique of war has created the necessity for developing new techniques of civil defense" [source: FEMA].

The president took this advice to heart, and on May 20, 1941, he signed an executive order establishing the Office of Civilian Defense(OCD). Roosevelt chose LaGuardia to oversee the new department.

The OCD was created to protect the general population in the event of an attack, keep up public morale if the United States were to enter the war in Europe and involve civilian volunteers in the country's defense. The OCD's jobs included establishing air-raid procedures, supervising blackouts and protecting against fire damage in the event of an attack.

LaGuardia's main goal was to protect the public. But first lady Eleanor Roosevelt thought the OCD's role should be expanded to also include public health and welfare, as well as to increase civilian participation (especially of female volunteers). LaGuardia didn't want to get involved with what he called "sissy stuff," so he eventually hired the first lady to head up these efforts as his assistant director [source: FEMA]. Eleanor Roosevelt founded the Civilian Participation Branch of the OCD. 

Home front civilian defense

Official Civilian Defense Insignia, United States Citizens Defense Corps,

US Office of Civilian Defense, 1942 (Gilder Lehrman Collection). 


Gilbert A. Harrison, chairman of the Youth Division
United States civil defense

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Insignia and Ranks photos from our great allies in Pakuranga New Zealand

Thank you for the great work Ryan Crierie and Bruce E. Dorse at: AlternateWars

1st Branch insignia. 2nd Ranks ans Insignia chart.3rd Organization of Civil Defense chart below:

A short history of US civilian defense.

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Here you see the newest 21st Century 2020 Civil Defense Insignia group images divided into specialties that you may be trained in or have particular skills or interest and or prefer to train in, recreated from the original USA specialty groups of World War two and adopted by many United States allies see: Insignia and Ranks history charts bottom of this page, after a short history of civilian defense.

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