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Connect nation wide, weekly, Wednesday nights from:

10pm - 1am on the hour at CB Channel 37 Lower (L) SSB. Move conversations to Channels  33, 34, 35 or 36 Lower (L) SSB

Our goals

At US Civil Defense we are auxiliary police aids our strength will depend on our communications collaboration of community groups on a national level in numbers, as independent with common but separate local goals to protect and defend our freedom, our people, our property private or public.

  To grow every concerned citizens group, to help us all organize together and connect with each other.


Is to grow and build from the outside inward towards the inside of the criminal outlaw ruled large cities and states effected by the current spread of a miserable uneducated unethical criminal minded populous dissolving into ruins society.

LOOKING to the future

To build new from what we have learned from the past civil defense system of the 1950’s 20th century that was outdated and abandoned by our government because it was not serving well as our United States civil defense needs of 21st century.

Our Products GOALS

The useful products we offer are recommended and approved by and the United States Civil Defense System Organization (U.S.C.D.S.): see approved products in our US Civil Defense Store.

Mobilize opposition at:

50 TO 1

with 1 Auxiliary Special Opts unit and never in numbers less than 10 to 1