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Dump the enemy's bitcoin now before it crashes

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Your new 21st Century Civil Defense Insignia's re-created from the original USA specialty groups of World War II. Insignia group images are divided into specialties matching your skills, interests, and training (past, current, or future). The following insignias are available as magnets for car doors, truck doors, bumpers, hard hats, refrigerators, laptops and more, also available as embroidered iron on or Velcro patches. Recognition gifts for first responders and essential services persons ball caps, t-shirts, badges, buttons, of tactical helmets, bullet proof back packs,and more found in our store.

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Welcome to your new American civilian US Civil Defense, a mighty force for peace that will now grow to 150 million Americans strong! Your new US Civil Defense renewed to be bigger, better, smarter, faster, and stronger. An Auxiliary of great numbers that is self-lead, self-trained, self-educated, and independent, forged from United States of America sworn patriot troops united by the United States Constitution from every race, color, creed, religion, national origin, and gender on earth. United and stronger than our fathers or forefathers could have imagined as we purpose to lead boldly from their footsteps into the future,

assuring the greatness of the

United States of America for our children and grandchildren.



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US Civil Defense Civilian Agreement

Trust Your First Instincts
Have you noticed over the past few years home school your toddlers and preschoolers as you are setting them up to watch English speaking American videos, on the largest free video platform then return 20 minutes later over and over again, to find them again watching indoctrination of foreign communist countries language speaking videos? 

"The Proof Is In The Pudding"

Trust your instincts telling you foreign enemies are increasing financially meddling influence peddling into the minds of children and adults, US student bodies, administrations, college - university professors, to local grade school teachers brainwashing children, with anti American, division driving, hatred promotions, television networks daytime talk and late night shows, and news promoting far leftist socialist, racist hatred, partisan untruth-fullness, communist opinion pushing commentators agenda of lies and partial truths, promoting disrespect and physical attacks on law enforcement officers. The sewing and watering seeds of hatred leading to racial division, continues to create a race civil war, with the help of online social media censorship, new upcoming growing anti America anti police politicians from Mayors to Congress persons uplifting rioters with lies and partial truths growing the sewn seeds of hatred for lawlessness with racial division aspirations, urging creation of a race based new American civil war, fluid by the bio viral COVID 19  foreign communist party operatives that launched their bio viral weapon attack on the free world by commercial airlines. Even Pro football is corrupted where cheerleaders are no longer of network interest almost never seen during any televised game, quarters, or half time, just Ani-American opinionated commentators pushing racial hatred rhetoric, causing a national boycott of all pro ball.

Do you feel conspiring forces have grown bigger with more devastating attacks from fake polls, to righed election results, giant solar flares, Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse  (NEP) attack, Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD) knocking out the power grid, disabling all microchipped transportation and all electronic devices forever, even followed up by foreign military ground troops invasion forces planned ?

Well you are not alone, prepping is not enough, you will not survive alone.

You must create your own community Civil Defense group, prepare your community US civilian defense from here on this website. Get more than involved, create your local US Civil Defense group today, ASAP, before it's too late !

BE PREPARED! China is now building the worlds largest Naval invasion fleet. 

USA age old traditional election standards tossed aside 2020 by:

China Communist Party controlled USA politician puppets in the name of Covid-19

Tempers flare after almost a year of uncontrolled left wing liberal riots on USA cities.

The old standard: If you do not care enough about our country to act by requesting your absentee ballot to vote by mail, or register to vote and show up to vote in person, then you should not be allowed to vote, was tossed out, causing most offenders to act with unpremeditated, but by crime of passion house cambers invasion insurrection 2021.

On January 6th 2021 various persons from all sorts of mostly common but extremely offended, right wing conservative individuals, groups and factions, disenfranchised, by liberal left wing cities controlling not only secret ballot counting, but also setting up the election for themselves with changes to the old established states rules of election ballots, removing secure voter registry, and replacing absentee ballot request and requirements with then many left wing radical states arbitrarily sending mass mailings of unsolicited ballots, to even the lowest forms of human life, infiltrated by left wing extremists leading right wing to an insurrection invasion from what was a peaceful capitol grounds protest by thousands at Washington DC Capitol, opposing electoral vote count by congress that would install Communist China puppet choice, for President of the UNITED STATES liberal leader Joe Biden and party.
Some protesters so angry as to mob riot, break in, to the capitol violently smashing doors and windows assaulting Capitol police. Where were US Civil Defense forces that should have protected the police and the capitol ? You Have Failed